Investment strategy focused on accelerating growth

Sagewind Invests In Small And Middle Market Companies Who Are Ready To Accelerate Growth And Achieve Greater Success

  • Targeted differentiated opportunities in select government services, aerospace and defense, IT and software solutions, healthcare services and business services sectors
  • Asset-light industries, with limited capital expenditure requirements to sustain revenue growth
  • Buy-and build-opportunities, where substantial value can be achieved through improved company performance and strategic acquisitions during sector consolidation

We Are Flexible In Terms Of Deal Structure

  • We are primarily interested in companies with $20 million to $250 million in sales with $5-$30MM of EBITDA.
  • Our investor base is composed primarily of family offices with a focus on long-term value creation. This allows us considerable flexibility in terms of the size and types of deals we will consider — control investments, leveraged deals, PIPE investments, in some cases minority investments.
  • Our flexible investor base allows us to hold investments for a longer period, with a target of 7 to 10 years.